Why Web Hosting Is Important

Why Web Hosting is Important.

Would you build a house without planning the land your house is going to sit on. The land in which your house will be built on is web hosting and your home is your website. So just having your home built from the ground up doesn’t do you any good if you don’t have land for your house to sit on.When you make a website you want people to see it. A website is just a collection of pages which are files that have to be stored and have access to the internet.

Web hosting is important because you need it in order to get your website hosted. Web hosting is space you buy on the company’s server to store your website. Your website will not survive on the Internet if your website is not hosted. While building up your website you have to consider investing in reparable hosting. Picking a good web host is a huge part of any website being successful.  But making the wrong choice to have the right host can have bad effects on your website and business.

After getting your domain name most people stop there and think that’s enough to start a website. What some people don’t understand is that your domain name is just a way for people to recognize you and can tell who you are from the pack. It’s just the address to your website. You still would have to put it on the internet for it to be live. Having a hosting account is the only way to be on the internet.

A lot of people focus on just creating a website. Some people put a lot of time in building content for their website but overlook the hosting part. Choosing a good host for your websites is equally just as important. Starting from how you will host your website is a good place to start. Picking the right hosting can save you time and money down the road. Which leaves you to focus on creating.

Web hosting does a lot more than just host your website on their server, they provide other services as well.


These are a few features that web hosting companies provide:

1. Email hosting – to receive and send emails for your website email@yourdomain.com

2.Domain registration – so when you get your hosting you can also buy a domain and manage them from the same hosting company

3.Website builder– which makes it easy for people just to add and drop with using any code.

4. WordPress plugin– most hosting providers have the wordpress plugin so you can get to creating your website quickly.

Web Hosting Types

There are four types of hosting and all of them don’t fit the same need.

Shared hosting
VPS hosting
Dedicated hosting
Cloud hosting


How Web Hosting Works & What Type Of  Web Hosting Should I Use.

Shared Hosting

Let’s start with the less cost effective hosting and that’s shared hosting. Shared hosting shares the server with other websites using the same shared hosting. This makes it the cheaper hosting out of the four types. Shared hosting is for people who haven’t reached really high traffic and are trying to grow their website. Shared hosting is good for entry level websites and beginners. Shared hosting saves you time and money and you can always upgrade later on when your website grows.

The 3 top shared hosting Providers based on price point, up-time and support. 

HostGator     click here start your hosting at Hostgator

Bluehost      click here start your hosting at Bluehost

InMotion      click here start your hosting at InMotion


VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

VPS hosting might be the next level up from shared hosting. With this type of hosting one server is split up into multiple servers but each website gets its on server split from the main server that everyone sits on. So instead of sharing your server on a shared plan VPS lets each website have their own server which makes faster load times.

VPS is not just good for websites that get a lot of traffic but is still good for smaller websites that may not have huge traffic but may have lots of images and video which can slow a website down on a shared hosting type.

Top 3 best VPS hosting providers based on price point uptime and support.

Hostpapa        click here to start your VPS hosting with Hostpapa

Bluehost          click here to start your VPS hosting with Bluehost

InMotion          click here to start your VPS hosting with InMotion


Cloud Hosting

With cloud hosting multiple servers are working together to host your website and other websites. But since multiple servers are working together to host your site it doesn’t matter if you get high traffic to your site because it wont impact loading speeds.
Since the cloud doesn’t have a root access to the cloud server you will not be able to install different kinds of software or change some of the settings. But for some that has a plain basic website may not need a lot of those options.

The 3 top best Cloud Hosting providers based on uptime price point and support

Siteground      click here start your cloud hosting at Siteground

InMotion          click here start your cloud hosting at InMotion

Hostgator        click here start your cloud hosting at Hostgator


Dedicated server 

Dedicated servers are to one website only. Each website has its own dedicated server. They cost more than shared VPS and cloud hosting. Its like owning the server that your website is hosted on. The cost of having a dedicated server is higher than the rest but you have more control over your website and since there are no other websites sharing the server your load times won’t be affected.

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